The Lite Cape provides protection for your valuable wardrobe from the residue of make-up, mineral powder, hairspray, and splatters of any kind.

Tired of ruining your expensive clothes?

A neat, professional appearance is important to everyone, but that can be quickly ruined by a dropped lipstick tube or mascara brush, mineral powder particles, and the sticky feel of hairspray on your favorite shirt or blouse.



Protects clothing from mineral powder and hairspray

Diagonal cut for better coverage

Adjustable Velcro closure

Perfectly sized 28" x 28"

White color enhances lighting for easier make-up application

Machine washable

Lightweight - weighs only 3 ounces

Cheerleading teams - performing artists - beauty consultants - business professionals - models - make-up artists - busy moms - high-schoolers

Anyone who uses facial products or hairspray will benefit from the protection provided by
The Lite Cape.

Each fantastic Lite Cape is only $7.95, including shipping! Orders are shipped via USPS first class mail within 24 hours. Get yours today!

For nearly five years, we have been selling banettes/headbands to Mary Kay beauty consultants, with thousands of happy customers. Earlier this year we decided to pass on that part of the business to another vendor and concentrate on The Lite Cape. You will receive the same outstanding service as always, and can still rest assured your private information will never be shared with anyone, ever.